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My Month Being an Atheist Twitter User, The Internet Moral Compass, and why Tumblr is a pool of hypocrisy, and my own hypocrisy

I’ve rarely been on Tumblr, and the reasons being have to do with what is in this blog post, so sorry followers that like pictures and Persona stuff, there are just some things I want to express that I can’t say in 140 characters or less on my Twitter account @AtheistMitsuru

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve relied heavily on online communities in my life, most of the time preferring them over real community due to growing up on the internet or just not being able to relate to those around me, so because I’ve this I went through a phase of being addicted to Tumblr and the friends who had blogs on here.

Why have I been away from Tumblr?  I don’t want to be the typical person who is anti-social justice, but I kind of really am anti the people who are in these social justice movements.  My disgust began with the whole Daniel Tosh thing, when you all couldn’t even begin to understand the other side of the argument.  All you heard was rape, woman, victim and attacked without considering freedom of speech and thinking about how the best comedy is based on dark humor and how a joke can’t truly harm anybody.  It can offend you, but can it harm you?  Last time I checked there is nothing wrong with being offended.  Get over yourself. 

More of my distaste for this social site came when I began to embrace open atheism.  Being an atheist simply means not believing in a god or following a faith, that’s it, but some choose to be outspoken, and for a very good reason, and that’s the simple principal of showing opposition.  If atheist aren’t outspoken about their non-belief, the religion fundamentalist will start assuming there is no opposition, and separation of church and state is a silly notion that doesn’t need to be obeyed.  (Who are we kidding, those fundamentalist are the Cersei Lannisters of the United States and Separation of Church and State is Robert Baratheon’s piece of paper naming Ned protector of the realm, as we see with anti-gay marriage legislation and science class rooms being under attack).  I also believe that if we don’t challenge believers to see eye to eye with our reasoning on why we don’t believe there is a god they might never get a chance to use their own critical thinking skills to think for themselves in a constructive way.  

How do I bring this subject back to Tumblr?  Not only is there a social justice movement that seems to be hell bent on social censorship (going after people who disagree with you, bullying their asks, berating their opinion), but everyone seems to have this standard of political correctness that actually hurts social justice more than helps because it’s shutting down open dialogue thus exposing less people to certain subject matter.  

Because of this political correctness I’ve noticed a lot of you, even people I considered close friends took a ‘atheist are stupid and need to shut up policy’.  In a way I can’t get mad at you guys because I think it comes from everyone’s social justice goal to make the world a better place, a noble deed but the methods are all wrong.  

I have to note that indeed I am generalizing and judging Tumblr by a whole, but I’ve been exposed to several different social media outlets and Tumblr is the most social censorshippy political correct of them all hence why I’m putting the burden on the simple blog website.  Anyway, because of this embraced social justice everyone seems to be after some kind of peaceful culture where everyone is tolerant of each other, but at the same time no one is disrespecting anyone’s personal beliefs.  That’s why Atheist get condemned on here, because we don’t believe in god, fine, why do we need to shove it in everyone’s face?

Meanwhile, you ask that question, but at that same time social justice bloggers worry about real problems such as anti-gay marriage, trans issues, and pro-choice protection.  

So this is why Tumblr confuses me, because we want the world to be a diverse place where people can be who they are and enjoy the freedoms of our first world countries, meanwhile you’re not getting to the root of all our social problems.


The response I’m expecting right away is ‘how dare you generalize all these people.  It’s the fundamentalist that do all these horrible things there are a lot of god believers’

That’s true.  Here is the problem, the fundamentalist only exist because the moderate allow them to exist.  When a preacher condemns gay marriage, his church is still packed, so why would he think his views are wrong.  When a Catholic priest molest a child he just gets moved around, no one talks to it, no Catholic stands up against their monarchy like institution, and don’t tell me that the fundamentalist have no power.  Look at what happened in Texas and tell me that! I went to a middle school where the science teacher told us about the theory of evolution and how it’s just a theory while having a huge bible on his desk and going into creationism, so don’t tell me separation between church and state is being respected.  It’s not, because the opposition in small town Indiana was non-existent.  When you have no opposition why wouldn’t you break a few laws?

So Tumblr is disgusted by outspoken atheist, but at the same time has a problem with religious zealots that affect our day to day spreading their homophobic and anti-feminist agenda.  The outspoken atheist and legit social justice movement should be allies, but instead you’re so fucking worried about being politically correct and afraid that the atheist are going to start hurting believers feelings (cause all of a sudden the human race is too fucking sensitive to handle being offended I guess?) that there is a huge divide.

Anyway that was just sort of the thing that I noticed that really bugged me (being for equal rights mainly all while being pissy with atheist).  You guys were blogging anti-atheist things, you knew I was an outspoken atheist, so I just didn’t feel wanted here anymore in the community I had.  I didn’t feel like I had the freedom to express myself so I found refuge elsewhere.

On Twitter there is a group called Atheist Super Hereos, ASH for short.  I had been following the founder for a year on Twitter, and loved how he challenged believers in debate and finally I decided to join.

It’s a great group I’ve learned a lot of things since being there because we talk a lot of science, talk about other religions and their contradictions and proof against them.  I also made a lot of new friends who are really nice and I relate to more.  Of course I connected with everyone in ASH of course because we’re a group (some people will tell you ASH is an elitist cult because you actually have to prove your not a troll to join and not be a spiteful rude person.  I don’t get it, they don’t seem to grasp the concept of an online community).  

There is another part of being an atheist Twitter user, a part that you social justice users would be against (even though you do it when someone has an opinion you don’t agree with), a part that IN NO WAY IS ANYONE FORCED TO DO TO BE A MEMBER OF ASH OR BE IN MY CURRENT ONLINE COMMUNITY and that is shaming believers on Twitter and/or asking them questions about their faith and why they believe in it without proof.

This is where my learning process truly began and where I had to develop a moral compass.  I’m not proud of how I started, I stalked the #TeamJesus hashtag and put anyone on blast who talked about how they pray to Jesus.  There were a few people that were funny to put on blast (someone prayed that they would get Beyonce tickets), but I quickly realized what I was doing was hacky.  I strive to get an intelligent debate out of believers, but that’s hard to do when I as a stranger attack them for saying something harmless.

I began to question if I was a hypocrite and I still do, because I’m against how the social justice movement on Tumblr floods the ask box of someone with a different opinion berating that person, meanwhile I was berating people who simply wrote about prayers in the #TeamJesus tag.  I began to set some ground rules for myself so I could stop beating myself up about it.  If someone nicely asks me to stop, I will stop.  If someone seems generally nice I will be respectful and be nice back (we at ASH go by the motto don’t respect the belief, but respect the person).  I have a hard time talking about religion with the nice people, even though I stand by my stance that religion is always harmful even if it’s helpful to some people (it gives them morals they vote with elect politicians who violate our rights so yes in an average citizen religion is harmful), so quickly I began to go after the more fundamentalist idiots, because I really can’t be expected to be polite to a person who called me a cunt while expressing their homophobia all because ‘god made adam and eve not adam and steve’ (yes there is a lot of people who still say this.  I retweet 20+ a day).

Honestly being an atheist twitter user is a great sociology experiment when studying believers and their response, and how 8 out of 10 it’s always the same result, which is fascinating.  If you ask them for proof that their god exists they throw the burden on you.  For some reason if you can’t prove the big bang theory happened that means the christian god 100% exists as well as Adam and Eve and talking snakes (this is called the god of gaps argument, where they can’t handle the burden of proof but they throw it on to you).  Yesterday someone bragged to me about how they had proof god exists and when I kept asking them for it they danced around, first they said that I wouldn’t understand it, then they told me to prove the big bang theory when no one brought up tbbt, and then third time I asked I got condemned for being pro-choice, when no one was talking about abortion.

Lately though my disgust hasn’t been with their belief (though come on…. YOU CAN’T PROVE GOD EXISTS AND THOSE STORIES IN THE BIBLE CONTRADICT AND ARE FUCKING CRAZY and easily proven wrong WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?) it’s their lack of critical thinking.  I can almost understand in a weird way when a 40 year old asks ‘if we evolved from monkeys why are there still monkeys’ because they probably came from a school like mine, BUT 16 YEAR OLDS?  That age is where you are suppose to be thinking and questioning everything going through a learning process but time and time again I see them talk about how evolution is bullshit and they won’t pay attention in class, how even though tolerate gays they can never support the ‘life style’ because god told them to.  

Another scary thing I noticed is people actually believe that because I’m an atheist I can’t have morals.  I’ve been asked that without god what keeps me from raping and stealing…. which scares me because where would these people be without god?  Is god simply a manifestation of their empathy they can’t define?

Look.  I’m not out to convert anyone, I can’t be against indoctrination while supporting indoctrination (though it can be argued atheism doesn’t hurt anyone while religion can hurt us all overall…. actually it can’t be argued that’s fact) I just want to ask questions that get people to think, and to be honest I think a lot of these believers are so aggressive with their beliefs because in a way they are on the fence and don’t want to be challenged.  If their faith is strong who cares if our challenging offends them?

Things brings in a double standard question that I asked today.  People dislike open atheist on the internet because they don’t like the idea of people taking the time to go after believers and ‘offend them’ apparently, but we live in a society where people take pleasure out of being internet trolls.  People get joy off of getting on the internet pretending to be a certain person to piss other people off, this is socially acceptable, but open atheism isn’t it.  AND YES SOME OF YOU WHO ARE MY FRIENDS ON HERE I’ve seen taking pleasure out of trolling, how can you be for one and not the other?  

Anyway this blog post is a muddled un-organized mess of observations I made that I wanted to document.  Am I hypocrite?  I’m still looking for the answer within myself, am I having a nice time?  Yes.  Even though I get pissed at uneducated people there is a lot more positive energy than negative, but yes I’m creating a moral system with what I’m doing while trying to challenge people.  It’s all good.

But can some of you atheist bloggers chill out on going after believers simply because they spelled atheist wrong?  I HAVE TO LOOK AT MY USERNAME @atheistmitsuru to remember how to not spell it Athiest.  It’s a common mistake.  Chill the fuck out.  Attack the ignorance of their words, not their spelling.



Alice Cooper was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

He performed at the Embassy tonight. It was so cool!!! Just him for 1.5 hours with a lot of theatrics and he had the guillotine!!!!!!!

I got a shirt with the Billion Dollar Babies logo on the front and “Raise The Dead 2012-2013” on the back. It has the slickest shade of green I have ever seen.

honestly the best concert I’ve ever been too ;’( sorry N’sync you’re knocked off the list

What an amazing mashup. We didn’t see the track on SoundCloud yet and checked Isosine’s creative common licensing and are sharing it on his behalf under the best intentions.

Samples used: Korn - “Coming Undone”, and Taylor Swift - “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Check out the video and get a link to a FREE DOWNLOAD here:

Be sure to check out Isosine’s bandcamp page to stream the rest of his music:

The track is shared based on the original artist’s creative common licensing:

I have to organize all of this :’(

I have to organize all of this :’(

Wii Fit trainer is gonna be in brawl?

Me and this bitch go way back

Status update

I remember why I divorced True Blood 2 years ago

because it damaged my heart

its doing it again, fuck you Hoyt and Jessica, I just can’t with you two

I think everyone on Facebook unfriended me because my timeline is the same three people.  That’s what happens when you call everyone who doesn’t believe in evolution retarded.

Today’s status.  I pretty much beat it by shopping today and walking a mile and back.  I think I need to raise my goal, I’ll do it Monday though cause I’ll be busy all weekend.

Today’s status.  I pretty much beat it by shopping today and walking a mile and back.  I think I need to raise my goal, I’ll do it Monday though cause I’ll be busy all weekend.

I’m getting caught up on True Blood, I’m on Season 4

My OTP is happening, Erik and Sookie totally got it on in the woods

but what the fuck is up with this were panther shit

like those hillbilies said Jason was gonna turn into a were panther

and he didn’t